Going beyond connectivity: A Total Telecom Congress keynote teaser

With traditional revenue streams failing to deliver substantial growth, telcos must leverage their networks to find new opportunities beyond their normal scope – but where does the hunt begin?

In this age of 5G and gigabit fibre, the dynamics of the telecoms industry are rapidly evolving. New technologies are offering new opportunities, enabling use cases and business models that were unthinkable just a few short years ago. From the rise of private networks, allowing telcos to offer bespoke solutions to enterprises and industries, to the emerging field of extended reality, there are no shortage of new revenue streams for telcos to maximise.

But as the opportunities for telcos increase, so too does their competition. Hyperscalers, cloud players, software specialists, hardware vendors – all of these and more are moving circumvent the telcos, increasingly offering their own solutions directly to enterprise customers.

So, how can telcos differentiate themselves and bring customers more meaningful, personalised services? Ultimately, how can they go beyond simple connectivity to better engage their partners and customers?

On the morning of Day 2 of Total Telecom Congress, the opening keynote panel session will discuss these fascinating topics, exploring the lessons from the industry’s successes so far and what must be done to ensure success in the future.

“The session will be incredibly valuable to attendees because it’s about what we need to do now in practice to be successful in 2023 and beyond. And it is not just ‘more of the same’”, explained Andrew Collinson, Executive Director & Chief Research Officer of STL Partners and moderator of the upcoming session.

“This is a critical time for the industry. Customers face urgent challenges in the global economy, in security and sustainability. Telecoms can take key roles beyond connectivity in addressing these challenges, and others too – but it is a choice. My view is that if they don’t choose to do more, they will become increasingly marginalised as the industry becomes increasingly modular and cloudified, and other players will do more of the things that customers value. And the world will be a worse place for it, too.

I am excited about finding out from the presenters (and attendees) what key steps we need to take now – and what lessons they’ve learned that helped them succeed.”

(Left to Right) Andrew Collinson, STL Partners; Henri Korpi, Elisa; Willem Brinkert, RegioHELP, Shaima Alhamed, BNET Bahrain Network; Antonio Ivankovic, GO Plc


Willem Brinkert, Co-Founder, RegioHELP

Henri Korpi, EVP International Digital Services, Elisa

Shaima Alhamed, Chief Commercial Officer, BNET Bahrain Network

Antonio Ivankovic, Chief Commercial Officer, GO Plc

Total Telecom Congress will take place in the Business Design Centre, London, on the 1st–2nd November. Check out the agenda and book your place today.