Products Update: What’s New in PBXware 6.6 [2022]

PBXware 6.6 is officially here! Every time we release a new version of our PBX system and telephony platform, we also include several additional useful features for our loyal users. Unified Communications as a Service is in rapid development, and as one of the pioneers in the industry, we tend to lead the way, not lag behind. Therefore, we constantly work on upgrading our products and services to deliver you the best Unified communications platform on the market.

Let’s dive in and check out all the neat new features included in the latest version of PBXware.

Bicom Systems’ In-house STIR/SHAKEN Solution

STIR/SHAKEN is a framework that helps reduce fraudulent robocalls and illegal phone number spoofing, and we have written about this topic on several occasions. You can read more about STIR/SHAKEN on our official blog here.

STIR/SHAKEN implementation in version 6.6 is another great addition to PBXware, and one a lot of our partners were waiting for eagerly. We have decided to implement STIR/SHAKEN into PBXware 6.6 to comply with the FCC STIR/SHAKEN rules. 

PBXware added its implementation of STIR/SHAKEN, which allows signing and validating calls with valid STIR/SHAKEN certificates that customers own.

stirs haken call signing in pbxware

stirs haken call signing in pbxware

If you are interested in how to enable STIR/SHAKEN in PBXware, watch the video below, where we explain everything in a few simple steps.

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Introducing New SMS Provider: VoIP Innovations

In order to fully utilize the messaging service, version 6.6 adds the option allowing PBXware users to choose VoIP Innovations as a provider in their settings.

choosing voip innovations as a sms provider in pbxware

choosing voip innovations as a sms provider in pbxware

VoIP Innovations is a full-service VoIP provider that provides top-notch services to developers, clients, businesses, and carriers. VoIP Innovations offers termination services in addition to origination services.

Users must take several prerequisite procedures to effectively set up VoIP Innovations as an SMS provided on PBXware. A user must first obtain the VoIP Innovations account and log in to set up additional configuration.

Create Multiple Extensions with Extension Template Feature

We have upgraded the Extensions feature in PBXware 6.6 with the Extension Template functionality. This allows administrators to create multiple Extensions in a heartbeat using the preselected Extension template. Administrators can use the following options: Name, Email, Ext, Secret, User Password, PIN, MAC, Department, Line#, and PAI.

The Add Multiple Extension Report will be displayed if everything is configured successfully and will indicate whether the Extensions were saved successfully or the action failed.

Provisioning: Device Certificate Validation (mTLS)

Advanced security is highly important for auto-provisioning, so potential attackers can not use known MAC address ranges to gather the Extension login details. 

For this reason, PBXware added its implementation of mTLS (Mutual TLS verification) that can validate the client (device) certificate server-side by taking the Manufacturer’s Root CA (Certificate Authority) and building a trust store on the server side. 

Note: TFTP and HTTP provisioning will not work when this option is enabled, as this feature can only work if HTTPS provisioning is used.

Introduction to Extension Statistics

We have also added the Extension Statistics, which gives you better insight into your business. Extension Statistics includes basic reporting and allows users to create reports related to Extensions and their Inbound/Outbound and internal calls. It allows users to select a date/time interval and desired Extensions or all of them.

This section gives users a preview of the reports table showing Extension statistics related to: 

  • ‘All Answered Calls’, 
  • ‘All Calls’, 
  • ‘All Unanswered Calls’, 
  • ‘Calls Per Direction’,
  • ‘Inbound Calls’,
  • ‘Internal Calls’

PBXware Contact Center Module

Introduction to Feedback Forms for Queues

We also implemented some fresh enhancements to our Contact Center edition. After creating a Feedback Form, users can set any Queues to use this form. Under the Show Advanced option within Queues, the gloCOM section contains two options: the first lets users set whether they want to use the Feedback Form on gloCOM, while the second lets them choose the Feedback form they want to use for the Queue.

An additional option was added within the System menu. On the GUI under the File System section, users may set after how much time Feedback form files are going to be removed (four weeks by default).

The option for downloading Feedback forms was added to the Queues menu under the CDR’s page. Users can download ‘Feedback Forms’ by selecting the check box in front of CDRs and clicking ‘Download Feedback’.

Enabled Queue/ERG/Agent Recording Playback Through Statistics Breakdown

Users can access recordings through the Statistics page. A small icon was added for each call row in the breakdown that takes users to a new CDR page for that Call ID.

We added a new option where calls with recordings would have ‘REC’ written in red next to their Call ID, allowing users to playback selected recordings.

Beyond PBXware 6.6

This is only a little glimpse of the numerous valuable PBXware features. Visit our website or get in touch with us for a free trial to learn more about PBXware and other UCaaS offerings from Bicom Systems.

For a quick demo of new PBXware features in the 6.6 release, take a look at our What’s New video.

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