Brsk and Netomnia merge as UK alnet consolidation continues 


Financial details of the merger have not been disclosed 

UK altnets Brsk and Netomnia have agreed to merge, the companies said over the weekend. 

The newly established unit will have a combined footprint of 1.5 million premises immediately post-merger, with a target of reaching 3 million premises by the end of next year, according to the press release. This will make it the second largest altnet behind CityFibre, who cover around 3.6 million premises. 

There have been rumours surrounding the merger for a while, as the two companies share an investor, asset manager Advencap. 

“By merging our network expertise and resources, we are creating a powerhouse to deliver an unparalleled internet experience for our customers, driving innovation and further consolidation among altnets. The additional capital from our investors and support from our lenders is a powerful endorsement of our vision and ability to execute at the highest level,” said Netomnia CEO Jeremy Chelot. 

“Together, we are set to deliver a fibre network that is not only fast and reliable but also futureproof, ensuring our customers benefit today and tomorrow. Our joint platform will be where the most powerful internet lives,” echoed Giorgio Iovino, CEO of Brsk. 

The deal is set to be finalised in the next few weeks, pending regulatory approval. The new entity will be led by Chelot as CEO. 

There has been much altnet consolidation in the UK broadband market recently. Currently, the UK has over 100 altnets rolling out fibre countrywide. The UK incumbent BT has long claimed that the current altnet landscape is too saturated and thus unsustainable. Back in March, CityFibre, the UK’s leading independent network operator, has announced the acquisition of full fibre altnet Lit Fibre from Newlight Partners. In December, altnets Freedom Fibre and VX Fibre also merged their businesses for an undisclosed amount. 

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