BT targets £65M savings by decommissioning legacy technology


BT Group have struck a deal with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to manage the decommissioning of over 70% of the Digital Units legacy technology estate, with an aim of delivering annualised savings of £65 million by end of FY25.

The deal forms part of BT’s modernisation and simplification programme and will play its part in achieving £3bn in gross annualised savings by the end of FY25.

The programme should speed Digital’s transition to a new technology architecture whilst reducing the risks associated with transition from legacy systems. Around 400 BT Group employees worldwide may join TCS during the transition.

Harmeen Mehta, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, BT Group said of the partnership “It removes complexity and intensifies our strategic focus on delivering the leading-edge tech to meet our customers’ needs and drive growth.”

Whilst Debashis Ghosh, President, Business Transformation Group, TCS highlighted that “This is a truly innovative and ground-breaking deal that presents a replicable model for other large enterprises seeking to pivot into the new, while mitigating operational risks.”