HAUD and Orange forge strategic partnership to boost international A2P monetisation and enhance messaging protection


Uppsala Sweden – HAUD, a leading telecommunications security company, has officially announced a transformative strategic partnership with Orange Wholesale commitment to identify, address, and mitigate revenue leakage across all channels within the Orange group, ensuring sustained protection and revenue growth across the entire portfolio of Orange operating companies worldwide.

As part of this long-term partnership, HAUD is set to deliver a comprehensive suite of services, to bolster Orange’s A2P Monetisation business. These services encompass vulnerability testing assessments, strategic consulting, and award winning security software deployment throughout the Orange group. HAUDs mission is clear – to fortify the identification and prevention of A2P revenue leakage across diverse messaging channels, securing and optimizing the A2P Monetisation ecosystem.

“The partnership with HAUD signifies a strategic move towards fortifying the integrity of our messaging platforms and maximizing revenue generation. HAUDs solutions ensure we can maximize revenue from our messaging platforms in partnership with our operating companies and affiliates, solidifying our commitment to providing secure and innovative services,” said Cedric Gonin, VP Global Business Support at Orange Wholesale.

The Smart Ecosystem is meticulously designed to prioritize the protection of subscribers and systems, against potential threats while ensuring sustainable, scalable revenue streams. By embarking on this strategic journey with Orange Wholesale, HAUD reinforces its commitment to pioneering advancements in telecommunication messaging security. The partnership marks a pivotal step towards fortifying messaging protection and maximising the value derived from A2P Monetisation initiatives within the global telecom landscape, “said Erik Angelow, CEO at HAUD.

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About HAUD

HAUD stands as a distinguished leader in telecommunications security, dedicated to serving global Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). Our comprehensive expertise spans a suite of award winning solutions, including A2P Monetization, Messaging Protection and Security, Messaging assurance, and SMS and Messaging Firewalls. 

With an unwavering commitment to empowering our clients, HAUD facilitates the imperative to “Stay in Control” of network dynamics, wholesale revenue, and overall customer experience. As the enduring and trusted partner for telecom operators and messaging partners worldwide, HAUD delivers cutting-edge services that redefine the benchmarks of telecommunications security.