Startup Stories: addressing the skills gap by practicing telco cloud technologies anywhere

Startup Story

Developing workforce skills is an ongoing issue for CSP’s. LabLabee have developed the first telco cloud interactive learning platform, enabling employees to gain the skills they need while saving money, effort, headaches, and months of time. LabLabee partners with you and helps you prepare the migration of telco to the cloud, with dedicated and tailored labs without any client constraints. This is their Startup Story.

Tell us about your start up
LabLabee is an interactive, on-demand, and gamified telco cloud-based skills platform. Telco cloud is a new solution revolutionizing how applications are created, delivered and how the world communicates.

As “Learning Catalysers”, LabLabee believes its role is to make learning and training on these technologies easier, more accessible and more attractive for both students and professionals.
Theory has never been enough and that is why LabLabee promises to deliver real-world practice with real-world use cases, built, validated and reviewed by telco cloud experts. The problem is global, and we are a SaaS platform

What is your USP?
Today if you want a lab, you have to buy very expensive hardware and you have to add cost of installation and maintenance

What is your relationship with the telecom sector?
We are helping telcos and industrials to adopt Telco Cloud through an online virtual skills platform

How have you got to your current stage of development?
LabLabee has recently announced their first funding round. Details are here

Why did you establish the business?
We faced the issue to get labs in Telco multiple times as engineer, manager and expert. If you compare with computer science, if you want to start in python dev you can get online terminal and start to work with use cases, in Telco it is quick difficult

What does the future hold for your business
Create a marketplace of virtual labs in Telco Cloud space, you can compare between the 5G of Nokia and Huawei from one single platform

LAST FUNDING TYPE: Preseed 1.4M – Lead brighteye
Samir Tahraoui
Mahfoud Sidi Ali Mebarek

You can meet LabLabee in the Startup Village at Total Telecom Congress in London, 1-2 November 2022. To confirm your seat for the event visit