Startup Stories: the new age of surveillance


Historically video surveillance has been built on a complicated and expensive network of cables and low autonomy. TelWAI believes the future of surveillance is built on wireless mobile networks that can be rapidly deployed at low cost.

Tell us about your start up
TelWAI enables the autonomous detection of security and safety threats by utilising its wireless, Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven surveillance camera. TelWAI’s surveillance camera consists of edge-based video analytics, combined with mobile network data transmission. TelWAI’s proprietary surveillance camera offers the reliable detection of pre-defined security and safety risks, such as trespassing on rail networks and the illegal dumping of waste. Offering cost savings and the ability to redeploy surveillance assets across the users’ network, TelWAI cuts out the requirement for costly network cabling.

TelWAI’s customers include private land and critical infrastructure owners, security and policing agencies, city councils and transportation providers such as Network Rail. Operating in a global market, TelWAI has an initial focus on the UK and USA markets. TelWAI enables its customers to enhance safety and security and obtain critical video data of illegal activity for prosecution.

What is your USP, how do you stand out from your competition?
One of TelWAI’s primary USP’s is its ability to transfer video data across wireless networks (3G, 4G and 5G networks). This capability allows our customers to cut costs relating to laying expensive network cables and installation costs. In addition to this, it allows our customers to relocate cameras across their network, as installation and removal costs are significantly decreased.

Another USP is TelWAI’s utilisation of AI driven video analytics on the edge. This capability enables our customers to automatically detect potential safety or security risk. Fully configured based on the end-user’s requirements, alarm deluge is mitigated against, and false positive rates are reduced.

What is your relationship with the telecom sector?
TelWAI utilises wireless networks (3G, 4G and 5G networks) provided by telecom companies to transmit video data to central control rooms and hand-held devices.

How have you got to your current stage of development?
TelWAI is a spin out of its parent company Aralia Systems. In 2020 Aralia received funding from Innovate UK funded by Network Rail to develop a standalone surveillance camera. Having successfully developed and deployed this camera, Aralia proceeded to enrol in Wayra’s 5G smart cities program. Having founded TelWAI in 2022, additional VC funding is sought to accelerate the commercialisation of the wireless AI camera.

Why did you establish the business?
The business was established because of the market demand for standalone surveillance systems, combined with the requirement for additional commercialisation funding. Managed and driven by Eleanor Wright and Dr.Laurence Broadbent, TelWAI’s core team members obtain skills across business and engineering. Achieving a BA in Marketing and a MSc in Business Management, Eleanor has over eleven years of experience working in the surveillance sector across multiple business roles. Having achieved a BEng in Robotics and Automated Systems, and a PhD in 4D Facial Expression Recognition, Dr.Laurence Broadbent leads all technical aspects of TelWAI’s wireless AI camera.

Who inspired you?
We are inspired by technology and innovation and all business leaders that have managed to successfully commercialise innovation into profitable sustainable businesses. Inspirational individuals for us include Jack Welch whose innovation in business practices transformed GE. Steve Jobs, who’s understanding of marketing and product positioning saw Apple differentiate itself in a highly competitive market. Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger for identifying value in companies, how to maximise this value and generating educated predictions on the future value of these companies.

What does the future hold for your business?
We believe that TelWAI will become a market leader in the wireless surveillance sector. Initially focussed on the UK and USA markets, we will achieve the position of market leader, within our key addressable markets, within the next five years.

HEADQUARTERS – Bristol, England
LAST FUNDING TYPE – No previous funding round
Eleanor Wright
Laurence Broadbent

You can meet TelWAI in the Startup Village at Total Telecom Congress in London on the 1-2 November 2022. Find out more about attending or bringing along your own startup at