3,2,1… New Year unlocked

The ball may have dropped in Times Square, but we are not dropping the ball in any sense when it comes to business and developing new products for our customers. And to prove that, we will let you in on one or two secrets of what’s coming this year. Keep reading to learn more!

2022 was an exciting year with lots of changes in our company that reflect all the many achievements we counted at the end of the year. So, just for fun, let’s go over a quick recap of the content we worked on during the year that is available to you at any time!

We wrote and published 51 blog posts on various topics that help our customers to learn more about our products and improve their businesses. We made a selection of some of the most relevant ones with Product Releases and news. You can also visit our blog, hit the search bar, and find your favorite any time!

Products Update: What’s New in PBXware 6.6 

Products Update: What’s New in gloCOM & gloCOM GO 6.6 

Products Update: What’s New in PBXware 6.5 

Products Update: What’s New in gloCOM & gloCOM GO 6.5 

SERVERware 4.2 – 3 Reasons Why You Should Boost Business’s Security 

We presented 7 webinars, some co-hosted with partners and stakeholders, on a variety of topics that help our customers grow their business by using our products and environment. We also hosted our quarterly listening campaigns, A.K.A. We Are All Ears, which continue to pursue the objective of bringing together our Product Owners and partners. If you missed any of these, take advantage of the first slow days of the beginning of the year to catch up!

Every year we commit to delivering richer and more relevant materials and resources for our partners that are not only related to our products, but to industry trends in general. In 2022 we wrote and published five eBooks about topics that were focused on bringing a new perspective of business and the best way to approach them with tools and solutions we offer. In a blog format you can dig into How To Become STIR/SHAKEN Compliant with Bicom Systems and Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act – An In-Depth Guide for Resellers

We’ve worked closely with Channel Vision Magazine for years now, a digital magazine focused on bringing the latest news and trends to Service Providers in the North American market. This was our first year creating podcasts for their platform and ours as well. We are very proud to have recorded and published eight podcast episodes that covered many different aspects of our company in each of those. From our UC solution, to our best Trade Show Dos and Don’ts, and even our company culture. Our podcasts are short and fun, the perfect soundtrack for your next ride to the office!

And last but definitely not least, after a couple of slow years, we finally got to go back to something we really enjoy: Trade shows! In 2022 we had the chance to be at Enterprise Connect in Florida, IT Partners in Paris and the first ever CVExpo in Arizona. We hope to see you next year at one of these, or maybe a new one!

A new year is a reminder to continue accepting new challenges, pushing our boundaries, learning new skills, and, of course, enjoying flavors of success. We will continue to push forward with new ideas, improvements, and a dedication to providing the best customer experience possible. 

In fact, we have already been working on some big projects that will be revealed and shared with our customers later this year. We won’t spoil any surprises yet, but here’s a quick list of some of the things to come:

  • Bicom Systems Podcast
  • New website
  • 6.7 Release
  • Yearly Customer Summit
  • We Are All Ears 2.0
  • Support – news and improvements

For us, our customers are our inspiration. We are glad you are here, inspiring us to be better. If you are one of our customers, we encourage you to keep following us on all our digital platforms (IG, FB, TW, LI), our blog, and our YouTube Channel.

If you are not yet a customer and want to be a part of our 2023, contact our sales team here to get started!