4 Most Popular UCaaS Tech Stack Features

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What is UCaaS Tech Stack?

Unified Communications as a Service, or UCaaS for short, is a cloud-based mechanism that provides enterprise-level communication tools and applications. UCaaS offers businesses lower operating costs and improved productivity, among many other benefits. 

The Most Popular Features of The UCaaS Tech Stack

UCaaS allows companies to have their employees work from anywhere, which has especially gained in popularity since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, many cannot imagine going back to the office full-time. Many companies are following the trend and opting for a hybrid work model

Bicom Systems is one of those companies that opted for a hybrid working model for their employees. Even though we are unified communications software manufacturers, we also enjoy the benefits of unified communications, just like the rest of the industry. We can not imagine our day-to-day operations without a wide range of UCaaS tools and features.

Therefore, we decided to share with you the most important features of the UCaaS tech stack and pinpoint some very useful benefits.

  • Video and Audio Conferencing From Anywhere

For the past two years, video and audio conferencing have been one of the most searched terms on the internet, so it’s no wonder that this UCaaS feature ranks first. The way we do business has changed dramatically, but we’ve been able to rapidly adapt to some great applications. We hold daily meetings, collaborate together on numerous documents, and presentations, and attend meetings with more than one hundred individuals who are spread out around the globe!

Many people consider team flexibility while looking for a job. UCaaS provides more lines of communication and makes it easy to work from home or practically anywhere, which can be a deciding factor for some.

  • Industry-leading Voice and Telephony

We often see that UCaaS and VoIP are mentioned in the same context. However, VoIP is only one of the functions of unified communications. Bicom Systems’ VoIP solution is powered by PBXware, our IP PBX, the industry’s oldest and most mature Professional Open Standards Turnkey Telephony Platform.

Calls are the backbone of any organization, and by using UC apps, you will not only increase productivity but also save money.

gloCOM gloCOM GO Meeting

gloCOM gloCOM GO Meeting

  • Enterprise-level Instant Messaging

Chat is another essential component of UCaaS that is frequently used. Messages with one or more co-workers in a group chat can sometimes suffice to agree on specific issues. We don’t need to detail how simple chat messages are, especially since your conversation history syncs across all devices. This means that your mobile app’s chat messages are synced in real-time with the app’s desktop version.

  • Remote Work Simplified

You may increase your team’s productivity, streamline workflow with seamless integration, improve customer communication, and lower your total cost of ownership by using unified communications as a service.

Unified communication services are hosted in the cloud, which means that we, as a UCaaS provider, manage it for you and administer all upgrades virtually. 

UC platforms allow employees to enjoy the benefits of remote work and make the best use of BYOD policies. UC elevates the overall satisfaction enabling users to attend meetings from any location utilizing any device, such as a personal smartphone or a tablet.

According to new research, working from home can make people happier by up to 20 percent. According to the findings, employee satisfaction would plummet if they returned to an office-only work arrangement.

Cloud-based solutions, like Unified Communications, provide a wide range of applications that enable this, as well as several tools for collaboration and productivity.

Features of UCaaS Tech Stack: Summary

Video and audio conferencing, real-time messaging, and telephony are all common elements of UCaaS. These services are advantageous to businesses searching for cost-effective or off-site solutions. UCaaS tech stack is a one-stop solution for every business communication needs. It combines all those features above and elevates communication amongst coworkers to a whole new level. 

Bicom Systems offers a one-stop-shop for all unified communications software needs. Let’s take a look at our enterprise solutions:

gloCOM (Desktop App)

gloCOM is a reliable desktop Unified Communications tool that tightly integrates with PBXware, our VoIP Telephony Platform. It is designed to elevate your business communications to a whole new level. Its main goal is to make day-to-day communication and cooperation more accessible and enjoyable.

It includes IP Phone connection, Softphone, Messaging, Conferencing, CRM access, Faxing, File transfer capability, and much more to help you collaborate effectively with your team. gloCOM’s features are nicely bundled under a single attractive desktop application interface that provides a superb user experience across all major desktop platforms.

gloCOM is available in four editions: Office, Business, Agent, and Supervisor. Each has its own set of capabilities to boost efficiency and productivity.

gloCOM Meeting

gloCOM Meeting

gloCOM Meeting (Web App)

If you are interested in video conferencing only, gloCOM can also be used as a web application module called gloCOM Meeting. It’s also convenient if you don’t have the gloCOM desktop app installed on your computer. Users can access gloCOM Meeting via a link and join existing meetings or start their own.

gloCOM Meeting allows you to meet with numerous users simultaneously while providing the following features: Video Conferencing (grid and speaker view), Audio Conferencing, Screen Sharing (particular application or entire screen sharing), Remote Control during screen sharing, and Group Chat.

gloCOM GO (Mobile App)

For those who would like to have a job in their pocket, our mobile application gloCOM GO is the right solution.

Work while on the road and minimize time wasted as much as possible. You will get the most out of your time with the gloCOM GO Unified Communications mobile app and PBXware Phone system. Using the gloCOM GO Presence panel capability coupled with PBXware, you can plan phone calls, manage your time, and define your availability (presence options are: Available, Busy, Away, Do Not disturb, Lunch Break).

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