Accelerit to work with VSATs for internet connectivity in South Africa

Accelerit, a telecommunications company dedicated to providing innovative connectivity solutions across South Africa, has announced what it calls a groundbreaking partnership with a local VSAT provider.

It is aimed at delivering uncapped internet connectivity to previously underserved and underdeveloped areas across South Africa through satellite technology.

This strategic alliance, says the company, is set to bridge the digital divide, providing affordable, reliable, and unlimited internet access to a significant portion of the population.

With over 300 sites already operational in the Northern Cape and Mpumalanga, the initiative aims to expand to 1,000 sites by June 2024.

Mandla Ngcobo, Founder of Accelerit, says: “By rolling out these 300 sites, we have already covered thousands of households, schools, and businesses with uncapped connectivity options. This is just the beginning. Our goal to reach 1,000 sites by mid-2024 is ambitious, but it’s necessary to create a robust digital infrastructure.”

He adds: “In addition to improving educational outcomes, healthcare services, and economic opportunities, we expect to see a 25% increase in overall internet penetration and usage rates in these areas within the next year.”

Accelerit and the, so far unnamed, VSAT provider suggest that this venture is poised to attract significant investment opportunities, but it’s certainly not the only one to target underserved communities.

A vast number of South African ISPs, MVNOs and fibre providers are fighting for market share among end users of a variety of income levels. There’s also the government SA Connect programme that aims to provide Wi-Fi access to communities and ensure universal access to the internet.