Beeline Kazakhstan launches software development company

Operator Beeline Kazakhstan has launched a software company, QazCode, to boost the development of new digital products and services. This was announced by parent company, global digital operator Veon.

QazCode will be among the largest software development companies in Kazakhstan, with some 700 staff that will include 350 developers with expertise across software development, big data analytics, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. QazCode will build digital products and services for both local Kazakh and international clients, including other Veon digital operators.

Veon explains that the formation of QazCode is part of its ‘Digital Operator’ strategy, which is aimed at combining connectivity with a complete digital products and services portfolio that meets local needs in such areas as mobile financial services, entertainment, health, and education, leading to greater engagement and value generation for customers. It will, says Veon, help strengthen the burgeoning IT services ecosystem in Kazakhstan.

QazCode has been created out of Beeline Kazakhstan’s IT development group that previously created the entire ecosystem of the digital operator, with over 60 apps used by millions of people in Kazakhstan.

The expertise of QazCode across all aspects of digital application development will now become available to operating companies within the Veon Group and to independent companies looking to develop large-scale digital services.

QazCode is located in Astana Hub, the largest international technology and IT park of start-ups in Central Asia, situated in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Astana Hub comprises a community of more than 1,000 companies, local start-ups and R&D offices.