I’m gonna get myself connected…


Startup DEVITY say their KEYNOA Engine enables you to automatically establish an encrypted connection of any IoT device to any data platform.

Tell us about your start up
DEVITY is your expert for IT security and cloud connectivity in large scale Internet of Things projects. Based on our team members’ research in cryptography, identity management and OT security at the University of Paderborn, we have developed into a reliable partner for manufacturers, integrators, and operators in industrial automation. The team of experts supports in building scalable IoT infrastructures with our core product KEYNOA as well as in designing and developing IoT security architectures.
Our product KEYNOA simplifies the configuration and installation of IoT devices such as sensors, industrial computers, and machines to unravel the access to secure operation of IoT infrastructures for organizations across Europe.

What is your USP?
Fundamental to KEYNOA are unique identities that are assigned to each device produced. KEYNOA ensures that these identities are transferred throughout the supply chain and used for trustworthy mass enrolments. A unique feature is its capability to bind devices to IoT clouds and data platforms at a late stage – just before physical installation – in the device life cycle. The configurations and credentials can also be created or chosen at a late stage. Therefore, the device owner can choose the configuration and operation purpose of a device fleet at any point of time. This results in a major advantage for operators – in addition to IT security. Until now, experts have had to configure each device individually and in a time-consuming manner. With KEYNOA there no difference in the programmatic configuration effort for 10 or 10,000 identical sensors or gateways.

What is your relationship with the telecom sector?
We enable the telecom sector to accelerate installations of devices as well as IT security operations in large scale projects for critical infrastructures, industrial manufacturers, and energy plants.

How have you got to your current stage of development?
DEVITY was supported from day on by garage33, the start-up centre of the University of Paderborn. Besides that, we worked with Founders Foundation in Bielefeld and KASTEL in Karlsruhe.

Why did you establish the business?
In his research at University of Paderborn and work for IoT solution providers Sven Uthe recognized that IT security was not considered at all or inoperable for non-experts in IoT projects. He decided to change that und make IT security available for every user of Industrial IoT technology.

What is your motivation?
Our motivation is that many companies don’t understand how dangerous their IoT security gaps are. We want that cyberattacks don’t become a disadvantage for any company.

What does the future hold for your businesS?
DEVITY is on the mission to reduce manual tasks and enable IT security in every IoT use case. In 2023, we want to triple the number of partners and deploy fife time more devices.

HEADQUARTERS: Paderborn, Germany
LAST FUNDING TYPE: Research Funding
WEBSITE URL: https://devity.eu/
Sven Uthe – Co-Founder, CTO
Christoph Milder – Co-Founder, CEO

You can meet DEVITY in the Startup Village at Connected Germany on the 6 – 7 December 2022 at Mainz Congress, Germany. You can still grab a free ticket on the website