Meet the data experts delivering on the promise of sustainable mobility


Leipzig based Vesputi are the startup behind Mobilitybox, a mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) offering that enables a scalable technology interface between transport operators and third-party providers including hotels, airlines, and more. The founders see their offering as a complimentary add-on to telco’s main product offerings.

Tell us about your start up
Vesputi is one of Europe’s leading B2B tech providers for sustainable mobility solutions.

Vesputi is building the Mobilitybox, a standardized, europewide B2B interface, that companies use to integrate public transport into existing apps and platforms. The Mobilitybox enables the Mobility-as-a-Service vision, as public transit becomes available, standardized and at scale.

Vesputi´s customers include, amongst others, hotels, airlines, and event organizers. By integrating public transport, these partners deliver additional value to their clients and increase traction and retention on their apps while decreasing their carbon-footprint.

What is your USP?
Vesputi is opening up a new digital B2B sales channel for public transit operators. The Mobilitybox comes with a state-of-the-art developer portal and allows a seamless integration with a single contract and without worrying about technological standards and politics in the public transit space.

Vesputi has developed its own backend system and hence adapts entirely to its public transit partners current tech set-up.

What is your relationship with the telecom sector?
The telecom sector is a route to market. By adding mobility to the service portfolio, telcos can complement their service offering and cover a wider range of its users daily lives. Vesputi enables the integration through its product – the Mobilitybox.

Additionally, the entire smart city and mobility sector is heavily dependent on digitalization and connectivity. In that aspect, our solution depends on reliable connectivity and smart digital offering by third party providers.

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How have you got to your current stage of development?
Vesputi is a trusted partner of public transit operators since 2016. At the beginning, Vesputi successfully implemented mobility projects with public utilities, transport companies and enterprises such as multimodal apps and simulation tools. Today, the company is fully focused on its product: the Mobilitybox. Vesputi is supported by different organizations and government bodies on national and European level, such as the BMDV and EIT Urban Mobility and is backed by a group of private investors.

Why did you establish the business?
We are mobility experts and enthusiasts from a private and professional background and want to use our strong technological background to not just improve user experience in the mobility space, but to create something with a real purpose. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges in today’s world and public transit is a major lever to reach the UN sustainable development goals in the transport space.

Who inspired you?
We are inspired by the vision of a sustainable mobility ecosystem and convinced of the potential that technology can enable a transition towards sustainable mobility behaviour.

What does the future hold for your business?
The future of mobility will be sustainable, connected and easily accessible for everyone. Vesputi will be a major technological enabler to reach that vision.

Vesputi´s technology reduces complexity and decreases the barrier to collaborate with public transit across different regions and countries. In consequence, public transit becomes easily available from the user perspective, ridership increases and sustainable mobility behavior becomes more attractive.

Vesputi aims at providing a Europe wide standardizes access to public transit.

HQ: Leipzig, Germany
Number of employees: 10
Last Funding Type: Pre-Seed
Website URL:
Founders: Linus Frank and René Meye

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