MTN Benin and Ericsson address throughput issues

The ongoing use of advanced technology to address potential mobile network customer satisfaction issues has been in the news in West Africa thanks to a partnership between operator MTN Benin and vendor Ericsson.

MTN Benin and Ericsson have partnered on the deployment of an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solution to address throughput challenges.

A network management system utilizing AI and ML was designed to address throughput degradation with the associated aim of providing improved customer satisfaction. This, says Ericsson, is building on the existing Ericsson Operation Engine which is designed to provide data-driven network operations including state-of-the-art AI-enabled cognitive software for network optimisation.

Ericsson explains that the ongoing rise of connected devices has led to an increase in spectrum requirements, putting a strain on certain sites. Ericsson devised its latest algorithms to act on highly accurate predictions of future lower throughput based on historical data. As a result, MTN Benin can maximize the use of available spectrum, in turn improving user satisfaction through a reliable network experience for MTN Benin’s subscribers.

Uche Ofodile, Chief Executive Officer of MTN Benin, says: “By utilizing Ericsson’s solution for designing creative network solutions we hope to provide a more individualized approach to network management, thereby boost customer satisfaction and successfully contribute to government ambition to be the leading provider of digital services in West Africa.”

The AI and ML solution is described as multi-faceted in its benefits, as it addresses throughput degradation in the most efficient manner by anticipating it, offering zero-touch corrective action, increasing throughput for service-level agreements (SLAs) and making the best use of network resources.