Sateliot partners with t42 to sign 5G IoT Maritime deal 


The deal is one of the first major changes in the maritime industry since the 1950s. 

Spanish satellite operator Sateliot announced that it has signed an agreement with global maritime container tracking specialist T42, to deploy thousands 5G-IoT (internet of things) sensors in shipping containers, which enable shipping container companies to save €47 billion annually, the company say. 

Under the partnership, t42 will deploy thousands of 5G-IoT sensors in containers for its 50 logistics partners across over fifty countries, which will connect to Sateliot’s LEO satellite constellation. This will mean that merchandise travelling across the sea will be under control at all times – meaning location can be tracked, and conditions such as temperature, humidity, impacts and container damage. 

At present, 99% of shipping containers are not tracked or inspected due to a lack of cellular and satellite connectivity, which can lead to cargo theft or tempering and damages. As a result, shipping companies, who handle around 80% of international trade goods, are making significant investments in smart containers, with the aim of making 25% of containers smart by 2025.  

The partnership is the first major change in a sector that has remained mostly unchanged since 1956. Jaume Sanpera, Sateliot’s CEO, concurred, saying: “Our collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the industry’s history, transforming traditional shipping containers into intelligent, connected assets. Tracking in open seas, until now, a very luxurious satellite service will be democratized to all.” 

“It is unbelievable what a small hardware investment can represent for the industry’s performance overall. This change has come to stay; there’s no doubt about it,” confirmed Avi Hartmann, t42’s CEO. 

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