Telia Lithuania taps Ciena to launch 800G service

Ciena announced on Monday that Telia Lithuania is using its coherent optics gear to launch the first 800G wavelength service between major cities in the country as part of a nationwide upgrade of its fibre-optic network.

Telia Lithuania is using Ciena’s WaveLogic 5 Extreme (WL5e) solution, sas well as its network management solutions, to upgrade its countrywide network to support 400G and higher services.

Ciena says the solution enables the telco’s fibre-optic network to deliver more flexible, higher-capacity, and cost-effective, power efficient transport services.

Virginie Hollebecque, VP of EMEA at Ciena, said in a statement that the solution will make Telia Lithuania’s network more resilient, with faster wavelength restoration, quicker issue resolution and improved timing distribution for applications requiring highly reliable synchronization.

“Network resiliency is of great importance for all networks in the Baltic region, considering the region’s heavy reliance on digital technologies,” she said. “Telia Lithuania has a resilient network foundation that can instantly bounce back from any disruptions, minimizing downtime, ensuring service continuity, and safeguarding its communication infrastructure.”

Andrius Šemeškevičius, head of technology at Telia Lithuania, said the network upgrade is essential to support 5G, IoT and other bandwidth-intensive applications.

Šemeškevičius said Ciena’s solution “allows us to reliably and efficiently meet our customers’ varied transport requirements – whether for access, metro, long haul, or enterprise data centre interconnect.”