Telstra upgrades network for LATAM

Australia-based operator Telstra extended its network capabilities in Latin America by establishing a dedicated point-of-presence (PoP) in Dallas, Texas and collaborating with Mexican operators Axtel and Vivaro, in its pursuit of growth. 

In a statement, the company detailed that its subsidiary Telstra International will carry out the project, and that its initial focus will be on Mexico as the new “strategic” PoP will be a “critical gateway” for internet and IP traffic from the region. It enables global enterprises and wholesalers including in LATAM, to be able to easily integrate into Telstra’s network and enhance their reach. 

Mexican multinationals aiming to connect to other regions and plug into the network to reach Asia-Pacific, Europe and other continents can do so through the same PoP. 

Telegeography estimated that on average 84% of internet traffic to and from LATAM currently goes through the US and Canada. Data traffic is expected to grow as international bandwidth increases in LATAM and massive bandwidth markets continue to rely on the US to be the gateway to reach markets on other continents. 

“We’re focused on Latin America as a key growth market as we expect to see increased demand for connectivity from enterprises, hyperscalers and wholesale customers between APAC and the region driven by a technology boom and growing economies. 

“Our official expansion and continued investments in digital infrastructure position us well to offer customers simple and secure options to connect to this dynamic region and leverage our global network,” said Telstra International CEO Roary Stasko.

“Looking ahead, Telstra International will continue to innovate on our network infrastructure through additional PoPs and collaborate with our industry partners to provide critical connectivity and capacity to more Latin American countries such as Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Colombia.”