The Upside-Down Secret to Explosive Success in Selling Unified Communications: Vertical Industries

Drawing on over 20 years of experience in the communications industry and a diverse portfolio of hundreds of clients, we have gained valuable insights into the trends and indicators of success in our long-term partners. Agility, superior customer service, and value-added solutions are all crucial markers of success; but we have found that tapping into a niche market is what can truly catapult sales to new heights.

A niche market allows you to concentrate on a focused target audience, enabling you to tailor your solution and refine your marketing strategy to maximize sales and profits. With a product perfectly polished for their needs, you position yourself as the go-to solutions provider for that particular niche. Repeat this process across several niches to establish yourself as an industry giant.

So, how do you uncover these niches? The key lies in moving beyond your conventional target audience and identifying the vertical industries that desperately, while not so obviously, need Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Once you open their eyes to the features and benefits your solution offers their business, you will find your solution flying off the shelves like hot cakes.

Get ready to turn your gameplan upside down and dive head first into these verticals as we guide you through a journey of exploring untapped markets and the opportunity to jumpstart your growth and accelerate your success.

UC for Healthcare

Extensive research done by Markets and Markets (Unified Communication and Collaboration Market, with Covid-19 Impact Analysis) reveals that the healthcare industry is a fast-growing vertical market for Unified Communications solutions. Projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.5% between 2021 and 2026, the Unified Communication and Collaboration Market within the healthcare sector is overflowing with opportunity.

Before you start calling the local clinics and hospitals, let’s delve into two compelling reasons why Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) aligns with the needs of healthcare businesses and explore the offerings you can bring to the table.

Easier Scheduling

In an industry where patients are essentially customers with a heightened vested interest in the service they receive, effective communication is paramount. One way to improve patient communication is with an easier appointment scheduling process.

Offer a Contact Center solution with omnichannel capabilities to your healthcare customers to open up their channels of communication and streamline the scheduling process. This will allow patients to schedule appointments not only over the phone, but via online portals or mobile apps as well.


Your Unified Communications mobile app can serve the healthcare industry in a few ways. Most healthcare facilities depend on a diverse team of professionals, including physicians, nurses, specialists, and administrators.

Keeping all of these parties in contact is a challenge, but mobile communication will help. Not to mention how revolutionary gloCOM GO could be to on-call physicians and nurses that want to lessen their technological load while still keeping their personal and professional lives separate.

This is just a glimpse into the myriad ways Unified Communications can be positioned for success within the healthcare industry. Of course HIPAA and other regulations come into play, so you are responsible to do your due diligence on how to comply with local legislation.

Find out more about selling UC solutions to the healthcare industry.

UC for the home and retail industry

The same Markets and Markets study found that the Logistics and Transportation vertical, which includes real estate and rental, is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.1% during 2021-2026, reaching a projected value of 10,943 million USD by 2026. Opportunity abounds in this underserved yet highly lucrative vertical.

Let’s delve into two key advantages you can offer to real estate and property management businesses, setting the stage for a successful partnership:

Agent mobility

Recognizing that real estate agents do not spend much time at a desk, our gloCOM UC app provides advanced communication and collaboration tools accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

This empowers users to transform any location into their office. Whether meeting with clients, showing properties, or on the move, gloCOM users can effortlessly handle calls, participate in virtual meetings, send faxes, and manage voicemail from any device and available network. 

Maximum availability

A report from the National Association of Realtors found that 92% of home buyers and sellers prioritize agent responsiveness as “very important”, ranking just below honesty and knowledgeability. You can empower real estate agents to become more responsive with a tailored UC solution.

A contact center solution with omnichannel features ensures maximum availability by offering diverse lines of communication, such as voice, email, instant messaging, and social media. Advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems guarantee prompt and personalized handling of callers, even if that means routing them to a specific voicemail box occasionally.

These insights merely scratch the surface of our ideas and strategies for selling VoIP solutions to real estate agents. Not to mention property management companies that need better ways to deal with tenant communication, inspections and maintenance, and emergency responses.

Learn more about selling Unified Communications solutions to the real estate & rental Industry.

uc in hospitality

In the fast-paced realm of the hospitality industry, which encompasses lodging, food services, and transportation, the demand for impeccable service often collides with the challenges of managing unrealistic customer expectations.

The good news is that you can empower hospitality businesses to offer the very best service possible while mitigating the inevitable challenges that customers will encounter.

Customer feedback

One way to make customers feel better about their experience in the hospitality industry is by asking for their feedback. Present a UCaaS solution equipped with omnichannel features that open up seamless lines of communication.

Automated messaging can be utilized to request surveys and feedback at various points during the customer journey. A solution that consolidates all customer interactions, questions, and feedback into a unified platform not only enhances the effectiveness of future communications, but also minimizes frustration for both agents and customers.


The hospitality industry already juggles so many moving pieces, you can make their lives easier by simplifying their operational landscape with a unified interface. CRM integration streamlines customer interactions by maintaining a comprehensive record of all communications and bringing it up in a pop-up window when a customer is on the phone.

Additionally, if you choose to develop Payment Management Systems (PMS) integration, you can reduce complexity by consolidating interfaces and making everything available in one solution.

We have the pieces needed to support the hospitality industry in delivering a superior, realistic customer experience.

Find out more about selling Unified Communications solutions to the hospitality industry.

uc for restaurants

The restaurant industry has undergone significant transformations over the past three years, from enduring major financial challenges in 2020, to the widespread discovery of online ordering and food delivery or pickup, to the subsequent resurgence in dining-in, but with higher expectations of streamlined service.

This changing landscape has presented considerable challenges, but UCaaS providers like you and I are well-positioned to offer tangible solutions to the evolving needs of the restaurant industry.

Ordering & reservations

Revolutionize the way restaurants handle orders and reservations by offering an omnichannel contact center solution. Opening more communication channels gives customers flexibility in how they place orders and make reservations while still allowing restaurants to manage and organize these processes in a centralized interface. A survey by Toast, a leading restaurant management software, found that 73% of diners agree that restaurant technology improves their experience. 

Cost savings

As the restaurant industry continues recovering from the shutdowns of 2020 and grapples with increasing food and labor prices, cost savings will be paramount on their list of priorities.

Highlight the cost savings of VoIP compared to traditional phone systems, emphasizing that it also offers more features for the investment. With add-on apps, restaurants can pick and choose their communication solutions to fit their budget and have the flexibility to upgrade as their financial situation improves.

There are many more ways to support the restaurant industry in its post-pandemic recovery and resurgence.

Learn more about selling Unified Communications solutions to the restaurant industry.

uc for professional service industry

The professional services industry encompasses businesses that provide services or expertise rather than tangible products, such as legal services or design. With communication at the core of these service-oriented businesses, your UCaaS solution holds significant potential to meet their diverse needs.

CRM integration

Integrating CRM software into your communications solution grants users instant and automatic access to pertinent information anytime communication with a client is initiated.

This feature is particularly useful for professionals managing multiple clients simultaneously, such as lawyers handling several cases or designers working on various projects. CRM integration empowers these professionals to engage with each client on a personal level, enhancing the overall customer experience.


Unified communications provides a level of flexibility that allows professional service providers to increase their availability and allocate more time to their core work. Transitioning from traditional in-person meetings to high-definition video calls reduces travel time while still preserving the personal touch that is crucial in professional services.

The ability to follow up with clients via text or a professional messaging system saves even more time, enabling the professional to focus on project completion and client acquisition.

If you are eager for more ways to support the professional services industry with your UCaaS solution, stay tuned for our upcoming blog post dedicated to exploring additional strategies to sell to the professional services sector.

Learn how and why to sell Unified Communications to the professional services industry.

uc for finances and insurance

The realm of finance and insurance is marked by a fierce need for security and compliance with stringent government regulations, so it is crucial to research your responsibility, takes steps to ensure compliance, and ultimately instill confidence in your customers. Once you have done these things, you can open up the world of Unified Communications to your finance and insurance customers.


The intersection of financial services and technology, often referred to as FinTech, opens up a realm of opportunities. One of the pillars of companies embracing Financial Technology is Cloud Computing – here is your opportunity.

Offer a solution that integrates cloud services into existing financial solutions, unlocking features such as chatbots, call recording and transcription, enhanced collaboration, and more. 

Analytics & insights

Detailed recording and analysis of communication data is crucial to running an efficient financial institution or insurance company. Not only is this information important for compliance and regulation, it also enables managers to prepare and improve for the future.

Offer a contact center solution with call reporting and analytics to give your financial and insurance customers more control over their results and plans.

Your UC solution has the extensive features and integrative capabilities necessary to cater to the unique demands of the finance and insurance sector.

Find out more about selling UC solutions to the finance & insurance industry.

uc for repair and maintenance industry

In the demanding field of repair and maintenance, where skilled laborers dedicate themselves to keeping essential machinery, equipment, and products operational for all of the other industries, efficiency is paramount.

Laborers often find themselves off-site, with little time for technological learning curves or communication delays. Your opportunity lies in providing a user-friendly communication solution that resolves the specific pain points of this industry.

Time savings

Empower repair and maintenance workers with a solution that makes communication fast and easy so they have more time for their core work.

For a skilled laborer knee-deep in a critical job, the last thing they need is a time-consuming phone call in the office across the warehouse. With gloCOM GO, calls would be redirected to their mobile device, enabling them to choose whether to answer or divert to voicemail, ensuring minimal disruption to workflow.

Call quality

The advancements in VoIP and cloud communications have significantly improved call quality. Offer repair and maintenance workers the benefit of high-definition voice and even video calling, complemented by advanced noise reduction features.

This allows individuals working in noisy environments, such as workshops or warehouses, to engage in calls without worrying about background noise.

The repair and maintenance services industry presents a ripe opportunity for selling communications solutions. Find out how to seize this opportunity.

unified communications for retail
unified communications for retail

The retail landscape in 2023 is marked by a shortage of employees and exceedingly high expectations for customer service, resulting in dissatisfied customers and employee burnout.

This perpetual cycle of discontent poses a significant challenge for the industry and its future. Enter your solution, designed to go beyond traditional communication hurdles, tacking real retail problems like employee burnout and inventory tracking.

Employee burnout

In a retail environment where overworked and overly criticized employees are reaching their breaking point, providing a comprehensive communications system becomes a crucial means of support.

gloCOM GO empowers retail workers to call or message colleagues and supervisors directly from their personal devices, enabling them to seek assistance at the moment it is needed. With Contact Center features like whisper and barge, supervisors can intervene and offer support when team members are hitting a wall, preventing burnout and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Inventory and order tracking

A major driver of customer dissatisfaction in retail stems from a lack of information. Customers want to know where their order is, where the product they want to buy is, and they want to know now.

Integrating the inventory and ordering database into the communications system will ensure employees have access to critical information precisely when they need it. By offering proactive approaches to your retail customers, they will enhance customer satisfaction and decrease employee turnover.

The retail industry is grappling with challenges and needs all of the assistance it can get. Your communications solution has the potential to provide the support this industry requires. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post where we will explore strategies for effectively selling VoIP to the retail sector.

Find out more about selling Unified Communications to the retail industry.

In conclusion, each of these vertical industries poses a lucrative opportunity for you to customize and sell your VoIP or UC solution. All it takes is a little creativity and marketing finesse, and you can help serve and support niche businesses in need of better communications. If you want help to get started, please contact us today so we can chat about your solution and opportunities.