Improve Time Management with Unified Communications

Improve Time Management with UC

Time management is one of the most important aspects of being a successful salesperson. You need to spend time with prospects closing deals but also need to maximize your time by networking with as many people as you can. Unified communications applications can help you work more efficiently while minimizing your downtime. 

As resellers in the telecommunications industry, you can utilize these tips and share them with your customers. While using the applications, you are not only reaping the benefits yourself but also showcasing them – together, saving time. 😉 

Work On The Go🤳

Keep time loss as low as possible by having your office in your pocket. Mobile unified communication applications help you operate at the same rate as in a traditional office. Plan calls, attend meetings and use the chat function all from your mobile device. 

Close your next deal from your mobile app while in your car connected to Bluetooth. UCaaS offers resellers the mobility to focus 100% of their time on selling and generating revenue. 

Integrate with a CRM🧑‍💻

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is extremely important to integrate with your UC application. While on inbound or outbound calls, a URL will pop up with the contact information. From there, you can take notes, review previous conversations, and build rapport with customers. Utilizing this third-party service is a necessary time-saving integration. You can create a full history of customers to refresh your memory in seconds of being connected.

Real-Time Reports📊

Saving time here and there can quickly add up. Automated reports that update in real-time is a huge time saver! A Call Detail Record (CDR) allows you to manage your representatives (or yourself) to keep track of:

  • The number of calls incoming/outgoing 
  • Call durations 
  • Total talk time 
  • Total missed calls
  • And more! 

Having this information at your fingertips will allow you to make changes as you see fit. Contact Centers are a great example of an industry that takes advantage of the time-saving benefits UC offers. 

Reduce Distractions🚫

There is no denying hybrid workers today face many distractions. Heck, I was distracted more than a handful of times writing this article! However, the key to managing your time better is reducing distractions and staying focused. UC applications provide a presence panel functionality to let your employees know if you are available or not. Your status will sync between your desktop and mobile application in real-time.

On top of that, you can integrate with third-party services like kuando Busylight! The physical device will sync with your status presence to indicate if you are available or not. This tool is just one of many to help you and your customers eliminate distractions.

Meet Virtually💻

Last but not least, meeting virtually. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have become experts in video conferencing. Business continued as usual, and companies carried on with their meetings that normally would have been in person. 

Although we can all appreciate the atmosphere of an in-person meeting, it saves you so much commute time when you join virtually. Whether the commute is down the hall to the boardroom or overseas to meet a new partner, video conferencing will save you time. 

Wrapping Up

Above are only a few ways to improve time management with unified communications. When you implement it in your business and personal life, you will discover hundreds of more time-saving features. 

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